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Learning from my child’s school

A few months ago, we decided to put our kids in Peruvian Christian school.

That isn’t a sentence I thought I’d be typing, we were homeschooling our kids while on the mission field, and things were going well.

But over the last few months we started realizing that despite Jeremiah being in soccer a few days a week, and having a few little friends at church, he was just not picking up Spanish the way we had hoped he would have by now. In fact, he wasn’

t really leaving the house that often (when your mom is a homebody, you end up being a homebody). One of the things I was really worried about was that Jeremiah, and the other two, were going to grow up and look back on their childhood and not feel like Arequipa was ever their home...

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A year later

This morning I realized that as of today, we have officially been back in Peru for 6 months now.  Which also means that it has been a full year since I last wrote on this dusty old blog.  Last time I wrote, I was big ball of nerves as we were gearing up to fly to the States so Simeon could have his big skull surgery.

The plan was only to be gone for 8 weeks, but Simeon caught such a bad cold on the airplane that the morning of the scheduled surgery the anesthesiologist opted to postpone his operation telling us that not doing so could have severe (like deadly) consequences.  Our wonderful surgeon is so wonderful that he was booked solid for another 2 months, and so his surgery was postponed until July...

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In 2 Weeks…

…We will be boarding a plane headed for the U.S.  It is hard to believe that the time has actually come for Simeon to have his big skull surgery.  It is something that has been on our minds and hearts for about 7 months now, something that was always in the distant future, but now, here we go.

I realized that I never really wrote about how we came to understand his diagnosis or the story of meeting his amazing doctors, and even more then sharing with you this story, I really just wanted to have a written down account of how amazing this whole process has been.

Last June while we were still in the hospital for Simeon’s birth, Nathaniel noticed that his head was shaped a little funny...

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