One step at a time

As I sat in our team meeting last week, I could feel myself getting kind of shaky and sweaty. We are encouraging each other to do what!?

Let me back up a bit. These last few months since arriving in Arequipa have been mostly about survival. Every missionary goes through the initial survival phase of moving to a new country...

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Arequipa, we’re here!

Two weeks ago today we moved to Arequipa.

But before that we lived through a whirlwind of adventures, mostly revolving around living out of suitcases.  On Dec. 2nd, we moved out of our house in Bogota and all of the work of packing and sorting, selling and giving away was finally over and we moved two trunks, 4 suitcases, two strollers and a pack n play into a mission guest house where we could stay for a week while the final details of moving out of Bogota were worked out.  It was a good time to rest before our big transition, say some final (and hard) good-byes, and spend some time as a team gearing up for the next big phase.

On the 11th, we flew to Lima.  It was so surreal to know that we were actually in Peru, not as visitors, but as missionaries...

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A Farewell to Bogota

I don’t know about you, but when I have 100,000 things to do I like to sit down and write a blog post instead.  It’s like productive procrastination.

In 2 days movers are coming to pack up our house and load our things once again onto a giant truck, which will be loaded on a boat, and if all goes well, shipped to our new home in Arequipa Peru.

Aside from stress, I have a whole host of emotions going on inside me right now.

Of course there is excitement.  Yay, we are finally going to be “home!”  We’ve been on this journey to Peru for as long as I’ve known Nathaniel, and for him much longer than that.  Every single decision we’ve made in our marriage has been “for Peru.”  Pretty much everything we’ve ever bought has been because “we will need this in Peru...

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