I’m a google-r.  It’s a nasty habit, especially for young moms prone to worry.  Cough with unexplained rash?  Google it.  Strange looking diaper deposits?  Google it.  Random pain during pregnancy?  Google (panic) Google some more (panic some more) find an answer I like (calm down and go to bed).  P.S. you do NOT want to see my search history, there are some crazy questions in there.

Nathaniel makes fun of my “research,” and says that I obtained my medical degree from Google and Yahoo Answers which is a very bad combination.  I know this, and yet sometimes I just. can’t. stop.  He would also like to send some of our ER  bills to the Google Coorporation because they are largly responsible for at least half of our visits there.

I think some part of me feels like as long as I know ...

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That Happens in the States Too

After I was robbed I started idealizing the States.  We’d only been here for 2 months, but all of the sudden the U.S. was my Utopia.  Nothing bad happens there.  You can walk wherever you feel like and not get attacked, you can carry nice purses and wear fine jewelry and people leave you alone.  You can eat whatever you feel like from the menu and not worry about strange parasites a week later.  The U.S. is where I understand everyone and they understand me.  It is where I look “normal” and it is where I am an independent and confident woman free to go wherever I feel like, and drive myself there too.  The U.S. is where I was happy, and South America is where I’ve come to make sacrifices.

But then shortly after the robbery I started noticing a lot of the news that came from the Stat...

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The Gutierrez Fifth

Simeon Osman Gutierrez is here!  He was born Monday night around 9:15, weighing 7 lbs and is 19 inches long.  His little cheeks are exactly like Jeremiah and Gabriella and bears a strong family resemblance.

Simeon didn’t come into this world the way we were expecting, but it was no surprise to God how he got here. When I look back on seeing that pregnancy test light up with a plus sign, I remember that even though I had no idea how hard his delivery would be, God had it all worked out, and had so since the dawn of time.

So, here’s the story.  And because it’s a birth story, well, it’s about birth.  Also, my feelings are mixed in there with the story, so…it’s long.

Just to be clear, we have a wonderful doctor and have been so happy with him during the pregnancy...

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