A phone, a knife, a year later.

Next week will mark a year since I was robbed.

I hesitate to write or talk about this because really, in the grand scheme of life and all of the horrible things that can happen to a person, being held up at knife point, handing over your phone and running away physically unscathed is not high on the trauma list.  I sometimes feel silly that this event was one of the most frightening experiences I have had in my life….I mean, talk about sheltered.

I hesitate to share with you just how much this event changed my life here in Bogota, mostly because I am embarrassed of how much it changed me.   Next week marks a year since my phone was taken from me, but it also marks a year of so much more being taken away too.

I look back at what I used to do before I was robbed and marvel at how brave na...

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When a Week Makes You Strong

What. A. Week.

It was the kind of week that makes you crash into bed every night around 10:00, and that’s after having fallen asleep on the couch.

It was the kind of week where the kids are wearing super random outfits because the laundry is literally taking over our kitchen.

It was the kind of week where being a missionary is just a little bit harder than I had anticipated.

It started out wonderfully.   Mother’s Day on Sunday, witnessing our littlest team member be baptized, an incredibly exciting team meeting, and even getting to celebrate our 8th anniversary at a very romantic spot in Bogota.  monserate

But then things started to get weird.

There was an incredibly uncomfortable conversation (okay, confrontation) with a set of security guards who wouldn’t let us back into our friend’s housing c...

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Oh, Babel.

That Bible story that I’d heard over and over again as a child about the Tower of Babel is really starting to sink in now as I struggle through language learning.  And it kind of makes me mad.

I know some people see languages as a gift, a challenge, a way that God has used to color the world and make it a more interesting and diverse place to live in.  I, however, see language as a result of people trying to build a large tower and were punished by the curse of confusion.

Language aquisition has not been my strongest area here on the mission field so far.  The Spanish language is beautiful.  It is colorful and poetic and you can play with the verbs to tell a very rich story.  The problem is, I have to learn how to use those verbs, and there are 10 ways or more to use each and every one...

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